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Admonition on Chan Practice

Translated by Guogu (Dr Jimmy Yu)
Chan Magazine, Spring and Summer 2007
The essential point of all the Buddhas,
the critical essence of each and every patriarch:
Without encountering things, it knows;
not opposing conditions, it illumines.
Without encountering things, it knows—
its knowing is inherently subtle.
Not opposing conditions, it illumines—
its luminosity is naturally wondrous.
Its knowing is inherently subtle—
it does not involve discriminating thoughts.
Its illumining is naturally wondrous—
there are no signs whatsoever.
Without discriminating thoughts—
it knows without pairs; yet, it is solitary.
Without any signs of haste—
it illumines without any grasping, yet it still goes on knowing:

The water so clear—transparent to the bottom.
Late, late, fishes have yet to appear.
The sky so vast—without boundaries.
Distant, out of sight, the birds have left no trace.